Artistic work

The starting point for my artistic work is everyday observations and findings. With existential curiosity and naive investigation of the immediate vicinity and its periphery. By finding, combining and in various ways amplifying subtle details, I am constantly looking for expressions that somehow resonate in the body.
I like to be in the grand and small scale at the same time, to look for the cosmos in the coffee grounds or to find the precious in the snow. Recently, I have been fascinated by sound, exploring everything from field recordings, noise, silence to digitally and electronically generated sounds and noises. Technology and materials are nevertheless secondary, it is the idea and feeling that guides my work.

A large part of my artistic work is done in collaboration with John Huntington under the name Kanslibyrån.
We are an activist group and artistic institution that since 2007 has explored the irrational as an act of art and resistance, bureaucracy as an aesthetic and everyday life as an art space.


The Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, Master of Fine Arts, 2005 - 2010
Independent courses at Umeå university: 2003 - 2013
Art and society, 10p
Art of our time, 10p
Digital post-production and digital editing, 20p
Digital images, 5p Web design, 5p
Advanced digital photography for portfolio 7,5p

Independent courses at Linnaeus University 2012
Astronomy, orientation course, 7,5p

Independent courses at Jönköping University 2013 - 2014
Digital image processing, 7,5p
Video editing and moving image 7,5p

Preparing art schools
Falkenberg art school, 1999 - 2000
Gotland art school, 1994 - 1996

EXHIBITIONS (in selection)

Krognoshuset, "Center for anxious movements", KANSLIBYRÅN, Lund, 2024
Galleri 54, "The third brain hemisphere", KANSLIBYRÅN, Gothenburg, 2022
Yokohama Sankeien Garden, "CONTEMPORARY ART FROM SWEDEN part III", Yokohama 2021
Växjö konsthall, Disorientationsförmågan, KANSLIBYRÅN, Växjö, 2020
"Jubileumsutställning" KONSTHALL 323, Stockholm, 2020
"Videorama 1" GALLERI 54, Göteborg, 2020
Alingsås konsthall, Alternative Defense Measures, KANSLIBYRÅN, 2020
"Cosmic Castration" GALLERY NTK, Prague, 2019
"Senaste nytt om löneslaveriet" GYLLEBOVERKET, Gärsnäs, 2019
Konsthallen Trollhättan, Kontraproduktion, KANSLIBYRÅN, Trollhättan, 2019
Varbergs konsthall, Utrymningsplaner (Evacuation plans), KANSLIBYRÅN, Varberg, 2018
Skånes konstförening, KANSLIBYRÅN, Malmö, 2018
Konsthallen, Musikhögskolan Örebro, KANSLIBYRÅN, Cosmic Castration 5×5 Örebro, 2018
Sydhavn station, Kanslibyrån og Aktionsarkivet, KANSLIBYRÅN, Copenhagen, 2017
Gocart Gallery, Waiting for a miracle - Excerpts from Kanslibyrån's Archive of Actions, KANSLIBYRÅN, Visby, 2016
9th Shiryaevo Biennale, Shiryaevo,KANSLIBYRÅN, Russia, 2016
Stallet Sturehov, Högkonjuktur, KANSLIBYRÅN, Stockholm, 2016
Galleri Verkligheten, Nya och gamla aktioner ur Aktionsarkivet, KANSLIBYRÅN, Umeå, 2016
Konstepidemin, Kanslibyrån shows parts of the Phantom Administration, KANSLIBYRÅN, Gothenburg, 2016
Medborgarkontoret, The Phantom Administration, KANSLIBYRÅN, Gothenburg, 2015
Nackunga Prästgård, Vår Salong!2015, Hölö, 2015
Slakthusateljéerna, Fantomförvaltningen, KANSLIBYRÅN, Stockholm, 2014
Charlottenburgs gård, Restaurering av inre rum, KANSLIBYRÅN, Solna, 2014
Ciggarvägen tretton, VårSamling, Stockholm, 2014
Studio 17, Headlong - Brick Wall, KANSLIBYRÅN , Norway, Stavanger, 2014
Ciggarvägen tretton, The Archive of Actions - The Struggle Continues, KANSLIBYRÅN, Stockholm, 2014
Survival Kit, KANSLIBYRÅN - The Archive of Actions, Riga, 2013
Kärleksveckan i Borlänge, KANSLIBYRÅN - Det allmänna aktionsarkivet, Borlänge, 2013
Skellefteå Konsthall, KANSLIBYRÅN - Avtryck, Skellefteå, 2012
Konsthall 323, KANSLIBYRÅN - Operation Reorganization, Stockholm, 2011
Slakthusateljéerna, KANSLIBYRÅN- Float All in Windows, Stockholm, 2011
Galleri 54, KANSLIBYRÅN - Amerikanska kapitlet och andra delar ur Aktionsarkivet, Göteborg, 2011
CCS Bard Bulletin Board, KANSLIBYRÅN - The American chapter, USA, Annandale-on-Hudson, 2010
Alanäs Kyrka, I en klang av tystnad, Alanäs, 2010
Bildmuseet, MAKING PUBLIC, Umeå, 2010
Skellefteå Konsthall, Vårsalong, Skellefteå, 2010
G60, bildmuseet, Solo show, Umeå, 2009
Studio44, Verka, KANSLIBYRÅN, Stockholm, 2009
Galleri Maskinen, HI LOW-TECH, Umeå, 2009
Vietnam University of Fine Arts, WHAT IS IDENTITY?, Hanoi, 2009
Luleå Konsthall, leif - norrlands nya performancefestival, KANSLIBYRÅN, Luleå, 2009
Galleri Pictura, Lund, KANSLIBYRÅN, 2008
Skellefteå Konsthall, PMNHTTTCAJIREEY, 2008
Cave, Kanslibyrån goes USA, KANSLIBYRÅN, Detroit, 2008
The (deviant) Art festival
Trollhättans konsthall, KANSLIBYRÅN, 2008
Bachelor of Fine Arts, G60, Umeå, 2008
Swedbank Arena, Free your mind, video, Örnsköldsvik, 2007
Umeå University through Galleri 60e, Premiere, 2007
Norrlandsoperan, Pictures at an Exhibition, Umeå 2006.


Göteborg, 13-festivalen, Konstepidemin, 2023
Göteborg, Performancehelg på Box, Galleri Box, 2019
Växjö, Alternativ logik (Performanceworkshop), Växjö konsthall, 2018
Stockholm, Aktionsarkivet book release, Rönnells Antikvariat, 2018
Göteborg, Aktionsarkivet - bokrelease pch samtalskväll, Skogen, 2018
Göteborg, 13-festivalen, Konstepidemin, 2016
Stockholm, Aktionsarkivet Aktion nr. 355 - 372, Creative Time Summit, 201
Borlänge, Det allmänna aktionsarkivet, Sveatorget, 2013
Luleå, Guldoffensiven KANSLIBYRÅN, leif - norrlands nya performancefestival, 2009
Umeå, var bor du? Projekt Ålidhem, 2007
Östersund, avig i orden endast, The bus station, 2006


Program statement, Kanslibyrån, ISBN: 978-91-527-2276-3, 2022
The Archive of actions, ISBN: 978-91-639-5756-7, 2018


Objects from the Phantom Administration purchased by the Swedish Arts Council
Aktionsarkivet, images, purchased by the Swedish Arts Council
Aktionsarkivet - 50 aktioner i urval, video, Sundsvalls kommun
Objects from the Phantom Administration purchased by Region Gävleborg 2018
Objects from the Phantom Administration purchased by Stockholm County Council 2017 (Installed at Huddinge Hospital).


Arsenal, Sweden for Everyone, Berlin 2009
Tromsø International Film Festival 2008
Trunk/The Nordic Art Video Festival, Östersund, On the television, video, 2007
Umeå International Film Festival, Midsummer Eve, video in collaboration with Jon Johansson and Toivo Burlin, 2007
Umeå International Film Festival, Christmas tree, video in collaboration with Jon Johansson and Toivo Burlin, 2006
Film screening at Bio Abelli, Västerbottens museum video, Border, "one-minute" film screening, 2006

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